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Wellness through infrared

Being a mom, it’s hard to find time for yourself. Plus, the added struggle of severe back pain has made “mom-life” challenging at times. When you are in pain you can find yourself being short tempered with your kids or other loved ones. The combo of not taking time to relax and recover from my back pain was, at times, depressing and somewhat life altering. However, through my struggles I found a therapy that improved my quality of life tremendously. The added bonus - without the use of ANY drugs. A series of treatments at Happy. Whole You. in a medical grade sauna with infrared light therapy helped me more than anything I had tried in the year of suffering.

So what is a medical grade sauna and what are the benefits of infrared light therapy? Infrared light therapy has been proven and recommended by many health professionals for the positive effects to the cardiovascular system, detoxification of heavy metals and other impurities, as well as weight loss.

Infrared saunas use invisible light to penetrate and heat the body’s tissues. This is a very different method than a dry heat sauna you may use at your gym or elsewhere. Our saunas, which are designed by Sunlighten are the leading in medical grade sauna therapy. Sunlighten uses a specially designed Solocarbon heater, the only infrared heater on the market that is clinically shown to raise your core temperature, lower your blood pressure, and aid in weight loss efforts while remaining free from any harmful materials that create “burn off” of toxic gases you may find in other saunas. The wood is sourced using environmentally and socially responsible practices.

Another important fact to look at when considering your infrared therapy provider is to ensure you are not being exposed to EMF electromagnetic frequency. Our saunas by Sunlighten produce virtually no EMF radiation, eliminating the risk of side effects from EMF. EMF radiation side effects include fatigue, stress and sleep disturbances, to name a few.

Use of our Medical Grade Sauna has been personally beneficial to me as far as reducing the inflammation in my back, as well as the associated back pain. This has made most physical activities possible for me again.


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