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Raise Your Vibe - You Are Energy First!

Each and every one of us is energy. It is time we go beyond the physical and get in alignment with the energy of self-love, joy, peacefulness, and take the journey of self-care from an energy viewpoint. It is time to elevate our being, inject more love into our way of being, and trust that if we choose to fill ourselves up with enough high vibrations and feel good things then the opposite will no longer be there to weigh us down unless we choose to lower our vibration.

Some facts that we know about this life in a nutshell:

  1. Everything is made of energy

  2. Everything has a very specific frequency/energy that it vibrates at

  3. Energy vibrations and frequencies attract their match

With these simplified facts I believe and have experienced first hand how changing the things we say (words are vibrations and energy), changing the things we do (actions are energy), and changing what we bring into our lives (change the energy coming in) we truly can create a way of being that allows us to feel Happy and Whole and the choice is up to You.

Where can you start? How can you start raising your personal energy/vibration/frequency to feel and be better? Start with your thoughts! Our thoughts are about 90% the same each day. Unfortunately, the repetitive thoughts that are self-critical or critical of others, or just critical in general can make up a large proportion of that 90%.

I had heard of a Japanese doctor who claimed that water reacted to negative and positive speech by revealing a pattern in the water which he froze so he could study them. When he spoke to the water negatively it caused the water to freeze in a more chaotic formation and when nice, kind words were spoken to the water the water froze is a more uniform pattern. Suggesting negative words create chaos in the water and positive words allow for more uniformity and beauty. When I heard of this idea I immediately thought of the Disney movie Frozen and how “Water has memory.” If this is true then the thoughts we think (positive or negative) would have a profound impact on our biology since our body is mostly made up of water... right? Well I wanted to test this concept. Could thinking or speaking negative thoughts impact our biology?

During a breathworks class I was teaching I put this to the test (as best as I could without a million dollar double-blind study and a team of scientists behind me). The topic of the class was on happiness and inner peace so I easily flowed this experiment into the mix. I asked for a volunteer to stand in front of the class with their back to the class. I then let the volunteer and the class know I wanted to see if just thinking negative thoughts/words or positive thoughts/words could impact my volunteer’s energy and if it could cause a physical (something we could witness) response. With this in mind I then (without my volunteer knowing) gave a thumbs-up or thumbs-down signal to the class. I started with the thumbs-down signal (again my volunteer had no idea I was giving a thumbs-down) and signaled the class to send negative thoughts and energy to the volunteer. Meanwhile, I had my volunteer place her left arm straight out where I would place a continuous downward pressure on her arm and she would try to resist my pressure with the same force. During this time her arm became weaker and after about 30 seconds I asked her if she believed the class was sending her positive or negative energy. She said, “I actually think it was negative.” Then we tried it again and I gave the class a thumbs-up and they sent her love and positive energy. Her arm stayed stronger and did not weaken during the 30 seconds of continuous pressure I was placing on her arm. She was obviously stronger with loving and positive energy.

Now that experiment was thoughts from others impacting her, but what about her own thoughts? I then had her place her arm out again and she said the word love. As I pressed down on her arm (again she was pressing up to meet my resistance) as she said “love,” she was strong. As soon as I had her say “hate” her arm weakened like she had a gummy shoulder and her upward resistance was no longer as strong like when she said, ``love.”

Now, I know this isn't any double-blind study and could be considered super subjective but there was enough evidence for me. It was enough proof our thoughts, our actions, the words we speak, and everything we choose to bring into our lives impacts not only our biology but our energy field around us. This energy field is what we can control through our thoughts and emotions to attract like energy.

So let this be a reminder for some, or a mindset shift for others, to pay attention to the thoughts and words you feed yourself and what you speak to others. Pay attention to what you act on and what you bring into your life. You can not lose with proper self-love and self-care, your vibrational energy will be so high you only attract the higher good. The choice is up to you!

Need help with the energy thing or the self-care/self-love thing? Come into Happy Whole You and experience our practices that can help you raise your vibration and brain power or hire us to work with you remotely!


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