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There Is No Going Back!

When will 2020 be over? Distance learning - really? Are these numbers even real? The vibration of stress and tension are very high right now. The unknown of so many things has some of us on our toes and others have fallen over to surrender. The idea that once 2020 is over things will go back to the “way they were” - is that even possible? Are things ever how they were in the past? I would argue, No! Everything is evolving and changing. We are evolving and changing. Change is real but it doesn’t have to be a struggle, in fact it should be looked at as a blessing. As a time for growth.

All too often we can get stuck on the negative “struggle” but couldn't we shift our perspective and look at it as positive growth?

I myself found my level of anxiousness rising last night. I couldn’t sleep. I was thinking how I feel stuck. I feel behind. I feel sluggish. All these feelings arose because I allowed myself to make a story up in my head. The story wheel of “poor me” and “corona, corona, corona.” The truth of it all is I am okay. I am not behind - I only feel behind and I’m only stuck if I allow myself to feel stuck. The keyword here is “Feel” what we choose to feel. I can shift my feeling of being stuck to a feeling of progress.  

In moments of uncertainty, one thing is certain - the power of choice. The power to choose to acknowledge what is working. The power to recognize what is good. The power of knowing you get to choose! You get to choose how you feel, what to eat, what to fill your day with, how to respond or react to anything. The power of choice came to mind when I was wallowing in my feelings of struggle. Truth - when you are in the struggle it does feel real but on the flip side - progress, happiness, and hope are right next to you in that same moment of choice.

I fully acknowledge that choosing happiness. Choosing to see progress versus the struggle is not always an easy thing, but then again, the more we choose something the more it is there for us. The more it multiplies for us. So, in choosing to be in progress, can’t we multiply progression? I know choosing to change the way your mind works is not always an easy thing to first. But isn’t it worth paying attention to? You know you are on the right path when your thoughts bring you joy and you feel that joy. As I myself grasp the idea of choosing how I feel, I must remind myself the challenge to progress can be persistent and will result in good habits that serve you.

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Thank you for sharing and always appreciate your thought-provoking insight into the perspectives of choice.

Gefällt mir
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