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A New Year - A New Brain - A New Energy

As we take the holiday lights down and ponder what 2021 will bring, I encourage you to explore a new outlook on health. An outlook that puts your brain health and energy field first. An outlook that focuses more towards how your brain is functioning, how you are truly feeling, and how your vibrational energetic state is impacting your overall joy!

I know for a fact that working on one's brain health and energy field is way more impactful than a number on a scale or dress size in the closet. I have worked in wellness for twenty years and every new year we see the same routine. “I want to lose weight!” “I am going to get in shape!” Why are these two “goals” so common?... People want to feel happy and healthy! Truth is they make these goals based on a feeling. On an emotion but then they only address the physical. They don’t address what's going on within them.

You can eat all the green salads, slam green juices, workout for hours on end, but if you don’t look inward you will not be successful. This is why at Happy Whole You we start with what's going on within you and the energy around you to get the best results.

Do you know what type of brain you have? Do you know if you have any emotional blockages within your body or in your energy field? Are you confused as to what I am writing about? Let this be a sign that in 2021 it is time for you to care for yourself from a different approach.

Here are a few tips to enhance your brain and energy field:

  1. Kick off the new year with a decluttering of your home and virtual world. Everything you bring into your life is bringing energy. Get rid of the things that don’t bring you joy and the things that drain your energy;

  2. Shift your thinking and vocabulary. The words we speak carry an energy. As so the words we think impact the energy of the brain. Try to take out negative words from your vocabulary like: hate, can’t, or any swear words. Maybe cut out one word each month and see how you do. Also be mindful of the conversations you have with others. Make sure you stay in a positive light which will raise the energy of the conversation and will leave your brain happy.

  3. Sage your house, car, and even yourself. Sage is a great way to shift out negative energy and it is also antimicrobial and antibacterial.

  4. Get support with your brain health and energy field. Visit Happy Whole You on F street to learn more.

When I started in wellness it was all about the body mechanics and physical aspect of being well. It was all about the legs, abs, and butt. Not about the brain nor the energy that supports our whole being. We are all emotional energetic beings! Doesn't it make sense to work on the brain and energy?

I want to remind you that feeling good and happiness is something that lives within all of us and can be accessed when our brain is properly working, our energy is healthy, and our mindset is open. For a long time I thought to be happy I had to look a certain way and once I got that look everything would fall into place… Well let me tell you that never worked for me or any of my clients. The real work needs to be done internally with your brain health and energy first!

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