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Health & Happiness Beyond The Plate!

Let's breakdown the areas in your life that need reviewing. All too often we look to improve just one area in our life - as if that alone will work! For example, "I am going to eat better and work on cutting calories!" This thought and idea can be a great start and beneficial, but is it the only answer? Will true happiness and health be knocking at your door once you do this? I have worked with many people over the last twenty years and many pounds have been shed... However, it wasn't until I started working with my clients in all areas of their life that true health and happiness planted in their lives. I have witnessed many people lose the weight but yet they still were not happy. I am all about happiness! We all deserve to be happy! It is time to look at it all.

When we think of nutrition we usually just think of the food on our plates; the food we eat and the fluids we drink. But, it is time we think beyond the plate and think to nourish all areas of our lives. Let's be more mindful of how our relationships, physical activity, career, and spirituality impact our WHOLE life.

The elements beyond food greatly influence our overall well-being. Think about how a stressful career inhibits your relationships and can cause you to over eat. On the flip side think of how a fulfilling career enhances your relationships, increases creativity, possibility, and leaves you feeling satisfied without the emotional eating. We sometimes forget how powerful our total environment is. The little choices we make - over time - become the things that make or break our happiness and success in life.

I challenge you to evaluate the elements beyond your plate. Think about the following questions...

1. How are the areas (my relationships, my career, my spirituality, my physical activity, my need to pay-it-forward) enhancing my life?

2. What am I doing or not doing in each area that is moving me further from my goals?

3. What actions can I add in these areas to enhance my life?

4. Are all of these areas present in my life? Am I lacking in any of these areas? Do I have strong healthy relationships? Do I have a career that is satisfying? Am I moving my body every day? Do I have a spiritual side?

Have a look at the circle worksheet. This may help you see what areas need more attention. Keep working towards a more Happy-Whole-You.


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