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My Birthday Gift To You: Beat Your Inner Bully in 14-Days

Thirty-five and feeling alive! I honestly never thought I would make it to thirty-five. For a variety of reasons: the first being when you are young, you feel anything beyond twenty-one is foreign; second, when you live a large part of your life down in the dumps and you really just don’t care to live more years in pain; and third, I used to be stuck in the past, so looking forward to my future was non-existent.

So, I am thirty-five. Life is very different than “my plan” and with my heart aching for the victims of Vegas, the families losing their homes due to fires and hurricanes, and those individuals who keep losing their internal battle with their inner bully, I know that we must remain in the moment. We all need to slow down, feel, reflect, and in our own time press on to the greater good. You see, the “old” me, the Anna Marie of the past, would have allowed these tragedies to feed my inner bully and my inner bully would provide me with so much anxiety coupled with depressing thoughts and I would not be able to function. You may know the feeling; when you don't want to get out of bed, when you cry for no reason, and when the walls just seem to be caving in on you. A sunny day doesn't even register with you. All you feel is the yuck.

Let me introduce you to the inner bully. The inner bully is that little voice inside your mind that takes over you in good times and in bad. Your inner bully will make you stay in bed and cry for no reason. The inner bully will make you feel unsuccessful even if you’ve accomplished the biggest goal of your life. Your inner bully will make you feel like you are still not enough even though you have improved your health and lost your goal of losing 25 lbs. Your inner bully will make you feel as if something is wrong with you if your partner breaks up with you. If you don't get that promotion, if your friends have everything and you don't, if you decide to stay home to raise your kids it is the inner bully that will make you feel unsuccessful because of your choice and it is the same inner bully that will make a working mom feel guilty and unsuccessful because she chose to work. Do you have this inner bully?

My inner bully used to dictate my happiness for years. The problem with this is when tragedies are taking place the inner bully will use those images, those fears to get you to only look at the negative. There is so much GOOD happening right now! I know, I know, it’s hard to sometimes see through the bad to get to the good but for your own well-being and defeating your inner bully you must try! I used to live my life as if my glass was always empty, yes empty, not even half full! I was so depressed and so negative I don't even recognize that person. I was so torn up and exhausted inside for no reason other than my inner bully was leading my life. So, I had to start implementing changes to become the person I wanted to be and although I have had many setbacks on my journey I have been able to BEAT my inner bully and I want to share some of my tips with you. We all know the pains of the world grab us from time to time, when you have your inner bully in-check the hard times will seem more manageable because YOU are in control, not your inner bully!

Check out my Ebook, “Beat Your Inner Bully in 14-days” and allow yourself time to read, do the worksheets, reflect, and implement. It is all about progress and perfection is just an illusion! Although, these are not extreme measures and mostly easy to do, the trick is to be consistent and apply a little bit every day. YOU GOT THIS!

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