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Real Women Have Cellulite!

Real Women Have Cellulite!

As a women I have been blessed with the sweet dimples on my thighs and bottom. Yes, I exercise. Yes, I eat healthy and nope I am not overweight. I am one fraction of the 90% of women* who have dimples on their lady lumps. They come with the territory of womanhood. I am a mom of two and have aging skin like the rest of you, but I have some tips and tricks to help keep my lady lumps in check.

Yes, I have come to embrace my cellulite just as I embrace my wrinkling at my knees and aging crows' feet that make my smile glow. Aww... the blessings that come with age. While I have come to accept the inevitable - getting older and getting cellulite - I have also learned a few tricks to enhance a more smooth look. After all, just because we are aging doesn't mean we can't try and look our best. So, for all my sisters out there who have those sweet womanly dimples I have a few tricks to help you embrace your warrior spots with a little more love while saving your pocketbook!

Here are some inexpensive ways to embrace your cellulite:

  1. Moisturize after every shower! Your skin will be more supple and smooth when properly hydrated. I like the all natural Beautycounter line of moisturizers. Especially the Citrus Mimosa Hydrating Body lotion and the baby oil (a little goes a long way). Directions: Apply a good amount all over your body. For an added shimmer use a dab of the baby oil over your arms and legs. These two products are super clean and non-toxic. Added benefits: Protects skin and doesn't clog pores and is non-carcinogenic.

  2. Use a non toxic tinted moisturizer every night before bed. Directions: If you only shower at night be sure to use your Citrus Mimosa Hydrating (or any regular non-toxic moisturizer) on your hands, feet, ankles, and elbows before you rub in your tinted moisturizer. I love the Beauty by Earth Self Tanner . Wash your hands after or it comes with a hand cloth that works great. Added benefits: Many moisturizers are infused with antioxidants and protect skin.

  3. Get a spray tan. A nice spray tan that gradually gets darker is a great way to look smooth, 10 pounds lighter, and diminish your little dimples. A good spray tan will have a prep spray, tanning spray, and a moisturizing spray. This would be for a big event or for your everyday life. Directions: Be Sure to shave legs and exfoliate your entire body before you get a spray tan. Also be sure to just moisturize your feet, ankles, hands, wrist, elbows, and lips before you go in. Added benefits: You get a more even tan. You can see a nice tan after one spray versus the lotions take about 3-7 days to notice and you do not have to take on an UV exposure.

  4. Drink lots of water. Staying hydrated will help keep your skin supple and youthful.

  5. Do lunges, step ups, and squats. We must fight gravity. Building up some muscle is always a good thing. When you exercise you also increase blood flow to all areas of the body. Where there are red blood cells present there is connective tissue repairing and building along with collagen. Strong connective tissue is important for having more youthful skin.

  6. Give yourself a coffee exfoliation treatment with your old coffee grounds. Directions: After you make your coffee take the grounds and bring them to your bathroom. In a circular motion rub the grounds around every inch of your body. This is best to do before your get a spray tan. Doing this once every 1-2 weeks is best. Added benefits: Coffee has antioxidants that are good for your skin. The caffeine compound is also beneficial and is usually found in the expensive anti-cellulite creams. The exfoliation with the grounds also helps remove dead skin cells which promotes new healthier cells.

  7. Use a body brush. I learned about this at a detox class I took in Palm Desert, CA. The body brush also known as dry brushing is a great way to stimulate blood flow and lymph flow. Plus it feels good and I get an energizing sensation doing this. It takes 20 seconds in the morning. Directions: Using the non-synthetic brush make long sweeps towards your heart. You can start at your feet or wrist and brush inwards. When you get to your stomach brushing counterclockwise is best. Don't brush too hard. Added benefits: You will be pushing away dead skin cells that will help promote tighter skin. This is not expensive and this has been shown to help stimulate blood flow and help the lymphatic system. When we stimulate more blood flow helps with collagen production and improves connective tissue.

  8. Don’t waste your money on expensive bottles of cream!

We can embrace our dimples and use some of these regimens that will benefit our body in more ways than just minimizing our dimples. The good news is we all get to work on this together. Unless you are one of the few 10% of women without cellulite the rest of us get to smile and say, “Yup, I have dimples too!” Women, stop looking at magazines and advertisements with flawless legs that are dimple free. They are not real! REAL WOMEN HAVE CELLULITE!



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