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Technology that helps with anxiousness? Brain fog? Attention support?

Using technology to help with anxiousness, stress, depression, and sleep issues is possible when it comes to the Theta Pod. Being able to relax while experiencing what the Theta Pod offers is an amazing experience. Any issues occurring in the neurological region can be softened with this type of technology.

Combining the four different elements that the Theta Pod offers, positive outcomes are a result. Helping individuals become healthier and improving their mental well-being.

Cranial Electrotherapy Stimulation (CES) can be used to eliminate unhealthy thinking patterns. It has also been shown to help with anxiety, depression, and PTSD. Relaxation is increased while wearing these stimulators, along with creating new ideas and surfacing subconscious thoughts.

While using the Theta Pod, headphones are giving while playing Binaural Audio Beats. This was created to help the brain go into a theta state of mind, and to also provide entertainment through suggestion music. This has an effect on the brain waves depending on the frequency, which can result in the cerebral hemisphere to be synchronized and influence the production of neural pathways.

Visual Pattern Light Stimulation is another asset to the Theta Pod technology. These light patterns increase the rate in which the brain will go into the theta state, and help generate entertainment to the neural pathways. Combining the light patterns and sound rhythms can influence brain activity and neural activity, as long as they are synchronized correctly which is the main objective of the pod.

During a 30 minute session in the Theta Pod, the Vestibular Motion is used to distract the brain from its natural senses. Since the pod is turning, it is causing the inner ear to balance itself to give off a relaxing sensation.

  1. Increase brain function

  2. Improve sleep patterns

  3. Decrease pattern thinking

  4. Restore pathways

  5. Enhance positive thinking

  6. Improve mental clarity

  7. Decrease brain fog

  8. Lower anxiousness

  9. Improve mood

  10. Decrease stress

The Theta Pod is an experience for all ages. From kids with distracted thinking to business professionals looking for lowering stress and mental clarity. We program the pod to your specific needs. It’s time for you to experience the Thata Pod!

Check out our Happy Whole You locations to book your session.


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