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Are any of these depleting you're energy?

Ever wonder where all your energy went? Below are a few energy zappers and it is up to you to get your energy back:

-Diet: Too many carbs/too few calories, food addiction (can't stop thinking of food), food sensitivities, and your food kryptonite (mine is ice cream).

-Common nutrient deficiencies: iron, magnesium, B vitamins, EFA’s, HCL, not enough digestive enzymes, low vitamin D, and low vitamin C.

-Exercise: Too much or too little. Yes you need to find the sweet spot.

-Sleeping: too much or too little and lacking quality of sleep. Also having sleep apnea and not being treated for it. Sleep apnea has been shown to decrease blood flow to your brian and if you want to be well, sharp and energized, you need to have oxygen flowing to your beautiful brain.

-Head: over thinking, judgement, control issues, distracted, unconsciousness and wearing “blinders”, having a narrow focus.

-Emotions: repression of emotions, suppression, unmanaged stressed, lacking boundaries.

-Breath: mouth breathing, over breathing, chest breathing/shallow breathing.

-Hormones: thyroid issues, adrenal problems and low sex drive

-Irlen Syndrome: perception processing disorder

-Toxicity: heavy metals, mold, pesticides, medications

-Relationships: controlling, toxing, lacking love

-Environment: light, noise, EMF’s, pollution, and being nature-deficit Biological: stress, infections, viruses, pain and trauma

-Values conflict

If you answered “YES” to any or many of these and you are not sure how to fix it seek out a life or health coach. Get a professional to help you become your best self again.

Reference: Week 21 Bulletproof Coaching Course. Thanks Bulletproof!

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