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10 Ways to be a Super-Mom & Not Lose Your Sh^t!

These are 10 things that I believe help make you a super mom!

  1. Stop comparing yourself to other moms. None of us have our shi* together 100%

  2. Stop signing your kiddos up for EVERYTHING. They need to be able to have a night off just like you need a night or three off.

  3. Workout while your kid(s) are moving. Yes, if your child is at gymnastics class watch them from the side, but add-in some lunges, squats, push-ups and stretch while you are watching.

  4. Whatever you are eating - they are eating. Stop making multiple dishes or giving multiple food choices. If you are eating more veggies and eating clean so is the family. Don’t give in! My kids eat more veggies now than ever before. Yes, it takes work but when only healthy options are served and they are hungry they soon dive in. I work with moms on this and we always win!

  5. Take a weekend for you! It is time to have a weekend to regroup and refresh. Plan it and do it without feeling guilty.

  6. Stop saying yes to everything!

  7. Read to your kiddos before bed and keep the same bedtime routine if possible. Kids thrive with routines but more importantly they love bedtime stories and the comfort of you being by their side. This will help them get to get sooner by having a routine.

  8. Make your kiddo earn his/her next toy, cool new shoes, or whatever it is that they WANT. Make them earn it by giving chores or having a standard for their grades.

  9. Have your kiddo cook and clean with you. Make it fun, not perfect. Turn up some Kids Bop and have some fun.

  10. Play outside with your kid(s). Go ride bikes, play at the playground or in your neighborhood just get out there and be a kid with them, plus this is quality time with your kiddos while you get your workout on!

What is a Super-Mom thing you do?


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