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7 Energizing Tips for Summer #MomLife

Summer is full of sun, fun, and kids not in school, so moms have to be ready to “GO” everyday! This can get tiring when your kiddos are young. You may feel like you have to “entertain” them 24/7. If you want to survive the summer-fun of no school you need to prepare yourself with energizing practices that will help you maintain energy throughout the summer. Here are some tips to keep yourself refreshed and energized to go!

Get Exploring! Check into your local parks and recreation summer schedule. Find out what activities would be good for you and the kids or just hit your local bike path, hiking trails, or country roads for a walk or bike ride. Be one with nature! Also don't hesitate to look into what the towns around you are doing. Get out of your routine and visit new scenery.

Get Exfoliating! Yes, you must exfoliate your whole body, not just your face. If you drink coffee use your leftover coffee grounds. You can also use sugar. Either way you are scrubbing away all the dead skin cells. Our skin loves when we help with the heavy lifting, so our bodies can produce new skin and help with cell turn over. This creates new healthier younger looking skin. Use a non-toxic moisturize after toweling off. Do this three days a week! See how you feel after two weeks!

Get Chopping! Have lots of fruits and veggies cut up, clean and ready to go in the fridge. Just take one day a week and prep your snacks for the week. Fresh watermelon, celery, strawberries you name it. This will makes it way easier to make a healthy choice when hunger kicks in. Plus the added antioxidants and high water content in fruits and veggies helps fight hunger, fatigue, and skin damage. Not to mention when the kiddos ask for a snack you are ready to go with a healthy choice!

Get Slammin! You should be guzzling down lots of water. Shoot for 20-30 oz within 1 hour of waking up and then sip water all day. Ice cold water will get your metabolism revved up. It takes more calories to cool water down for digestion. Extra calorie burn is always a bonus. Plus staying hydrated helps you feel full and helps eliminate cravings.

Get Moving! Steady and slow and quick and fast. There are two types of movement you want to shoot for. 1. Long steady walks working at 65% of your max heart rate is going to help you burn fat. Shoot for 45-60 minutes of walking 6 days a week. Yes, ladies six days a week. 2. Then push for three times a week where you do 10 quick minutes of short fast bursts of exercises. For example do 40 seconds of quick squats or push-ups and rest for 20 seconds then repeat. You can add any quick movement for the 40 seconds. Goal is to get your heart rate up and play with your different energy zones. These two types of training will give you added energy throughout your day.

Get Cleaning! Every week pick two areas to declutter. This will energize you once you finish. You will feel accomplished and better about your surroundings. Before summer starts make a game plan. Write down what areas you will do each week. Check them off your list once you finish them.

Bad Mama Time! If you are a mom do not hesitate to take a day for yourself or even just take 30 minutes for just you. Get a sitter for a day or turn the TV on for 30 minutes for the kiddos. If you don't have the cash for a sitter swap days with a friend. Take her kids for a few hours one day and have her do the same for you. Take that time to do something for you and recharge!

Ladies you got this! -Anna


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