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The Voice Inside Your Head - Put it in check!

We all have that voice inside our head that can give us a certain push that is good. Do better! Be better! Keep going! This voice can drive you towards accomplishing many of your goals. However when this voice turns into – You are not good enough! Look they did it so much better than you! You will never get there! – When this voice becomes destructive you must recognize this inner-bully and address why it is dictating your happiness and success. Your inner bully's strength is what will separate you from reaching your ultimate dreams. It is time you face it and recognize its power!

Success Will Begin When You Stop Doing This One Thing...

Do you ever feel like you are just coming up a little short? Do you ever feel stuck? Do you ever feel like you are doing all the right things and still wonder why you’re struggling? Why you have not gotten the promotion you have been working towards? Why your relationships always seem to be problematic? Why life seems so hard? Have you ever wanted to learn something new, a new language, a new skill or whatever else, but don't? Why don't you? Have you ever wanted to lose weight and eat more fruits and vegetables, but have neither lost the weight nor improved your diet? Why? Have you ever wanted to volunteer more, or keep your house cleaner, or take a trip, but haven't? Why? Why? Why?

The answer is that your inner bully is leading your life. Yes, you, the very person reading this! You are the biggest bully of all. You and only you are allowing your inner bully to control your actions. It is not your circumstances or those of someone else holding you back in life. You are holding yourself back from living a whole life. I know this is hard to accept.

You have an inner voice, a voice that tells you how great you are. But it can also, all too often, tell you that you are anything but great. It tells you to be “practical” and to “not dream too big.” It says, “You’re not good enough,” and “You deserve just what you have and nothing more.” It can try to convince you that you are “somehow less” than those around you or “just be thankful for what you do have and where you are.”

You may not pay attention to this negative voice, but if it’s not dealt with, it will destroy your dreams, aspirations, relationships – in short, damage the quality of your life. It can stomp on your spirit and hold you down. This is the voice of your inner bully. The difference between a happy, successful person and everyone else is the successful person has learned how to win the battle with their inner bully.

The way you beat your inner bully is to live and approach wanted change “Wholisticlly,” yes, spelled with a “w.” You need to approach every aspect of your life with a little mindfulness every day. It is not about a perfect balance to your life but about paying attention and putting in some effort daily in each of the following areas: relational health, physical health, nutritional health, financial health, occupational health, and emotional/spiritual health. You must get rid of the "trash" in your life while doing this. This means you must stop everything that is bringing you down and taking your energy, such as negative conversations, mindless spending, overeating, toxic relationships, negative thinking, and everything that does not add value to your life.

All too often people will only approach one area of their life for improvement - say - weight loss. When someone only approaches weight loss as the key to their happiness and they buy the shakes and exercise like crazy but leave out building good relationships, saving money, spending wisely, being physically and nutritionally responsible, and actively empowering others at work with a good attitude this person may have reached their weight loss goal but they will still have an empty or “something is missing” feeling in their life if they didn't take this “Wholistic” approach to their weight loss. This is why people gain the weight back or still feel depressed or go back to overspending in their life, because they didn't put the effort in each area they end up having holes in their life that drag the individual back down to where they were. We are all better able to deal with struggle, conflict, and reaching our goals when we take a Wholistic everything matters and all is connected approach.

You can begin your Wholistic approach to personal growth by downloading the free printable worksheets provided from and or read the “Stop Bullying Yourself” book or listen to Anna Marie’s Audible version of “Stop Bullying Yourself!” Get ready for a new you!

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