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Not The New Normal...

Well, here we are, weeks into this pandemic and we still have questions. How should I feel? Should I be scared? Will I get my job back? Will my small business close? Will the kids go back to school in the fall? Do I need to wear masks? Should I wear gloves? When will this end or is this the new normal? Is this as bad as the news is showing? Does anyone really know what the hell is going on? 

I want to cry…

I want to scream…

I want to crawl in a hole and let me know when it is okay to come back.

What the heck is going on? 

This pandemic has many people asking a lot of questions and it seems like no one really knows the answers, Sigh. So, what do we do—continue to go crazy with these questions bouncing back n’ forth in our minds? NO! 

Just a reminder. You have more control over your own biology than you think. Be mindful of how you are influencing your body and mindset each day. As this is a very hard time for many, we must look at the good. My good is enjoying more time at home. Having more time to prepare healthy food. More time to ride bikes with my kids. More time to remotely support others. More time to read, meditate, and just chill. How about for you? So much good is right in front of all of us—just look! This is one way to shift the noise of the negative questions bouncing back and forth and canceling them out with positive thoughts and questions. 

Positive questions like: What is something healthy I can prepare for my body today? What person can I call to cheer up today? What type of exercise will feel right for me today? Or who can I help today? What positive ripple effect can I place today? And when all else fails, take a deep breath and scream into a pillow. 

There are no easy answers here other than the fact that we must take care of ourselves. Our minds, bodies, and spirits. Don’t fill yourself up with the yuck unless you want to feel yuck. Don’t have yuck conversations unless you want to feel yuck. Don’t keep watching the yuck news unless you want to feel the yuck. Paint, go for a walk, read a book, write, exercise, do something you always wished you had the time for and embrace this “pause” moment.

Before I end this I have two more things to share.

  1. Let's raise our vibration to the highest of vibes—LOVE! Let's stop judging others on how they are responding or reacting to this temporary situation. We never truly know what someone else is going through even when it seems we are all dealing with the same thing... It is not the same for all! 

  2. This is not the new normal. There is nothing normal about this. We will hug, kiss, highfive, and run into each other on the sidewalks once again.

Smile you are amazing! 

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