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Leading with Love!

When was the last time you looked in the mirror and said, “Hey beautiful, I love you!”? The word love is such a complex word. Some of us use it more freely than others. Some have a hard time letting the word flow out of their heart and off of their tongue. The complexity of the word love has each of us using a different definition for it. It has an array of feelings. Let’s look at some ways we use the word love: 

“I love ice cream!”

“I love that outfit!” 

“I love you, Grandma.” 

“I love you, Mom and Dad.” 

“I love my job.” 

“I love the sunrise!” 

“I love vacation time.” 

“I love my children!” 

Using the word love is powerful when it comes from a generous and open heart. When it comes from a place deep within your soul that pours out warm feelings of intimacy, devotion, and deep affection. 

Love is also a state that has intentions of giving and lifting up. What if we lead each day with a loving mindset? What if we started with self-love—devoting our actions in a way that provides better health and more happiness for ourselves. What if we extended this self-love mindset to our daily lives? Our work? Or communications? Our community? What if in every single interaction we sourced our mindset from a place of love? What if we were L-O-V-E every day? Can we do this? 

Can we be L-O-V-E when we are under pressure?

Can we be L-O-V-E when we are a leader?

Can we be L-O-V-E when fear is around us?

Can we be L-O-V-E when trust has been lost?

Can you be L-O-V-E when you are in a position of power?

I believe we can source ourselves out of love no matter what is happening. No matter who we are. No matter what position we hold. We just have to work at it. 

Truth is we should all be L-O-V-E, more generous and open, even when crap hits the fan. Even when things seem to be crumbling—diving into a source stemming from love will lift everyone up. This is even more challenging when our self-love is lacking. Yes, this can be hard but it is necessary. So here is a challenge I propose to all of us.

  1. Let’s show up with a positive, warm, and encouraging presence when things are tough.

  2. Let’s be an encourager, a giver, and an open ear to all who need us.

  3. Let’s recognize our own heart and be our own reminder that we are amazing. That we have shown up each and every day of our lives and have been there for ourselves. Thank yourself for this.

  4. Let’s recognize you have gotten through all the challenges this far and you will continue to be awesome no matter what.

  5. Let’s recognize you are the only you there is on this planet and you are very special. This also goes for every person who steps in and out of your life. They too are special in their own way no matter what challenges they provide. We all need love.

So, when we tune our minds and hearts into the frequency of pure love, I believe everything will work out for the highest good of all. Are you ready to try living with love first?


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