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A Curious Brain Can Lead To A Happy Heart

What if we lead with a curious brain? A mind that wondered why, how, who, and what if? A mind that didn’t lead with judgment but a curiosity to discover. What if we got curious about how someone gained a different perspective than your own? What if we were more interested in finding out someone’s story versus finding the moment to let them know you disagree with them? What if we listened to each other and shared our stories because we lead each conversation with curiosity? What if we stopped hiding behind blame and the fact that we want to be right all the time and became more empathetic?

I believe, deep down, humans are good. We don’t want to hurt each other... I mean when is the last time you punched someone you know? Or told someone you know that you hated them... and said this hate to their face? It is a lot harder to hurt someone after you hear their story, but we need to be curious about their story and ask. It’s easier to fuel negativity through a cord of disconnect than it is through a cord of connection and knowing. We all have a choice to be kind, show empathy, and love but are we choosing this?

What if we started looking at each other in the eyes, became more curious about each other’s stories, listened, and let go of the need to convince them your way is right and their way is wrong. There are many ways to be. Some people are hiding behind blind hate. What I mean by this is they are disconnected from the people they are hating on. Meaning they don’t know that person’s personal story. Why and how they have gotten to the place and space their mind is in. You don’t know unless you listen. You don’t know unless you ask. Not knowing and then choosing to fill in for yourself why you think someone is or acts how they do based on a blind assumption is not knowing and is a judgment based on your life experiences and not their life story.

I bet if we all started listening and shared our stories one-on-one we would have a perspective shift and we would see less #blindhate. This doesn’t mean we have to agree but I believe this would provide enough space to allow many to just be who they are.

Here is something to think about. If a child told your child, “You shouldn’t like them.” Would you agree with that child? Or would you encourage your child not to listen and to get to know the other child on their own terms and make their own decision? I know what I would choose.

Let’s shift our perspectives and get to know people personally before judging or attacking. If you attack someone you don’t personally know with words or actions ... I call this blind hate. What would you call it? Are you open to listening more and getting to know more people’s stories?



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