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Could health coaching be the answer to help your struggling teen?

Many of us, as adults, either have a personal trainer, a nutritionist, a counselor, and so on. All only work on individual aspects of one’s life. What if you could work with someone who helped coach you in all aspects of your life or your teens life? What if our teenagers started getting help with their relationships, nutrition, physical health, self-esteem, and financial mindfulness in their demanding, confusing, high school years? Don’t you think it would help them? Why is it we wait until we're adults to get help in many of these wellness areas? Many teens will shrug off going to counseling, there can be a stigma around getting “counseled” but having a personal life “coach” is more palatable, a “luxury” event.

Not only does our coaching encompass an all-inclusive approach, but it gives your teen someone other than a parent or guardian to talk to with out them feeling judged. The skills of communication are a very important element to our coaching. Giving your teen ideas and skills, as to how to communicate for a healthy future. How to look at the glass half full and not half empty. We use roll play to help give them words and confidence to express themselves in a confident, non-confrontational way. We discuss nutrition and explore how the foods/chemicals they are putting into their body may be helping them or hindering them. We discuss how exercise, even just a little bit, every day will help increase their mood and self-esteem. We discuss their future and goal setting, along with the importance of personal development and not getting caught up in the world of social media in a negative way. We explore the value of a dollar and how money can be working for or against them. Wouldn't this be great if it were a class in school?

If your teen is struggling with their health, lack of energy, along with a negative mindset, health coaching might be a great way to help them shift their mind and better be able to approach their unique life with a more, “I got this” positive attitude. Health coaching with Happy Whole You has a very teen-friendly approach. All appointments are done over the phone with a certified personal health coach and teens can connect with their coach (Anna) on social media and via text message. Anna will work on all aspects of wellness with your teen and this might also be good for you. The education, tools, and strategies through integrative health coaching is something that is not taught in schools and it will give your teen a fresh approach to life and better help them deal with the world around them.

If you're interested in learning more about health coaching for you or your teen please contact us at

Anna is accepting four new clients for the month of July-August.


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