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Men: Get Cut in 10 Days!

Men: Get cut in 10 days!

Okay men, you have a lot going for you; more muscle mass, testosterone, and higher metabolisms. You need to take advantage of this! Below are five things you can do to enhance the qualities you already have going for you.

1. Work at 70% of your max heart rate zone. Working in this fat burning zone is great for your heart health and melting fat. Many times men will lift weights and work in a higher heart rate zone and they forget about the importance of working in this lower zone. You can get your target 70% rate by doing the following formula:

220 - your age = Max Heart Rate (MHR)

Then take MHR x 0.70 = 70% of your max heart rate

Use a heart rate monitor to be sure you are working in this zone. Shoot for a minimum of 35 minutes everyday for 10 days. Also continue your regular weight lifting routine during this time and just add this 35 minutes to your workout. If you don't lift weights try the following every other day:

-10 burpees

-15 pull ups (modified is fine too)

-20 second core hold

-25 pushups

-30 walking lunges

-Repeat this twice

2. Go green! Yes everyday for 10 days eat a plant based diet. Lots of veggies, fruit, beans, and nuts. This will help lower inflammation levels in your body, especially if you eat a lot of meat and protein products. Did you know 100 calories of broccoli has MORE protein than 100 calories of red meat? Seriously, your body utilizes the protein in plants way more efficiently than in animal meat. Remember you do not have to eat muscle to gain muscle.

3. Get 8 hours of sleep for 10 days. You need to sleep well to allow your body to repair and rejuvenate. No more staying up late and watching TV or scrolling on social media. Get to bed and set your alarm clock and wake up on the first alarm. You can do this!

4. Cut out the booze for 10 days. Say bye bye to the beer and hello to kumbucha. Look for this unique fermented drink at your health food store. This has good bacteria for your gut. With the plant based diet and drinking kumbucha by day 10 you will feel so energized!

5. Say bye to dairy for all 10 days! No more milk, cheese, or ice cream for 10 days. You can do it! Dairy is inflammatory to the body and the protein in dairy, casein, has been shown to increase risk of colon cancer and promote cancer growth. Check out “What the Health” on Netflix.

Okay guys you can do this all for 10 days. I promise you will feel better and that waistline will be happier. Share with me your results!

References: The China Study, by T. Colin Campbell


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