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The season for overeating…Not this year!

It is that time of year again. The richness of our favorite holiday dishes and the added calories of our sweet specialty drinks are all within our reach over the next couple months. This is a special time for family and friends. A time that leaves us joyful in the moments, but a time that can leave us feeling guilty for overindulging. I have some mindful tricks that you can take to steer yourself clear of gaining the holiday weight!

  • Have a game plan, Prep-Prep-Prep! You know what parties you will be attending and you know the office will be filled with cookies and treats. This is a great reason to meal prep your lunches and snacks for the weeks to come. Have high nutrient foods really to grab and go. Make a spinach salad for each day. Have pre-cut veggie sticks and some apples to grab. PREP-PREP-PREP!

  • Have celery! Before every meal or at least before you attend a party or dinner eat two full celery sticks and have 8-10 oz of water before you go. Celery is full of fiber and water. This can help curb your appetite and keep you regular.

  • Take smaller portions and chew! A big key is to put less on your plate. When you fill your plate don’t let the different foods touch. This is a great way to keep portions down and as you eat your smaller portions make sure you CHEW. Chew 15-20 times before you swallow. Slow down! It takes your brain about 15 minutes to register that you are full and satisfied.

  • Drink up your H2O! Drinking more water during the holidays is a must. Staying hydrated will keep cravings to a minimum and help eliminate toxins from your body. I recommend drinking 16-20 oz of ice cold water every morning and then every hour down 8-10oz of water. If you are drinking coffee you want to be sure to double your water intake in the morning hours.

  • Move your body! Vow to walk or move for at least 30 minutes every day while at work. This can mean you take the stairs, park in the furthest parking spot from the building, exercise on your breaks. Stay moving! I recommend doing this extra 30 minutes during your workday without eliminating what your workout routine already is. This is an add-in for the next couple months.

  • Spice things up and hide the salt! Add some flavor to your dishes with spices like, turmeric, paprika, and cayenne pepper. Also use jalapeno peppers and herbs to add flavor. Also limit your salt intake. A great salt substitute that actually is salt and potassium is called “Salt for Life.” You can get it on ebay! I love it and it is 75% less sodium. It’s just potassium dipped in salt. Look it up and enjoy!

  • Catch-up! This is a great time of year to pick up the phone and call an old friend. And while you are at it go for a walk or jump on your workout machine while you are chatting! This is good for your body and soul.

  • Stay positive! Vow to only post positive things on your social media outlets and share healthy snacks and recipes. Also take pictures of the foods you are eating. Show how eating healthy is easy and if you can do it so can everyone else!

  • Give Thanks! Every night write down three things you are thankful for. Keep this list going beyond the holidays, but you can use this list to share at the Thanksgiving table. Daily gratitude is good for all aspects of your overall well-being. Have your family participate in this as well.

Enjoy this time with your friends and family and I encourage you to spread joy to all those around you! -Anna


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