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19-Ways to Shift Your Mood

Sometimes we need to change things up. Below are 19 little things you can do to shift your mood and help improve brain function. When we do something new our brain has an increase in the density of myelin or the white matter in your brain that helps improve performance. Just remember when you try something new your brain fires new neurons and helps "open up" your brain waves for greater learning and sharpness.

Try some of these:

1) Try and make a new recipe. This allows you to explore new foods, get your brain firing in new ways, and eating homemade can be more nutrient-dense depending on your choice of recipe (choose wisely).

2) Go to a new grocery store. Give yourself the extra time to do this and have fun finding all your favorite items at a new place. Be COVID safe.

3) Go do something active with kids: Play ball, jump on a trampoline, rollerblade. Your brain loves to do something new, especially when you add a lot of movement with learning.

4) Plan a date with your spouse to observe nature. You can't lose with this one!

5) Work on your posture. This is great for your spinal sensory nerve, core, and whole body. Good posture is a must practice!

6) Learn a new joke by asking 3 friends to tell you a joke. Laughing is great for the mind, body, and soul.

7) Wear bright colors. Also, if you know what your balancing colors are for any of your emotional blockages be sure to wear them daily. If you do not know what we are referring to come in and get our InnerVoice analysis scan or email our recording. You can ask for more information by sending an email to

8) Join a virtual class: A dance class - Paint class - A cooking class - Karate class- Any new class.

9) Watch a sporting event. Stand-up, sit-down, fight-fight-fight!

10) Read a positive quote every day for seven days and email all the quotes to a friend. Have them do the same.

11) Play on the playground with your kid(s).

12) Go for a walk. Yes, clear your mind and increase blood flow to your brain.

13) Turn on a good song and dance. Heck yeah!

14) Call an old friend… yes, on the phone. Walk and talk!

15) Order some clean new products and smell some essential oils: lavender, abundance, lemon, deliverance, and more.

16) YouTube a good speaker. Yes, do not stop learning.

17) Color in a coloring book (something that reminds you of your childhood could be fun).

18) Ride a bike. Just cruz and take in the scenery.

19) Scream out loud and smile... just because.

Have a great weekend!



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