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The Ultimate Anti-Aging Routine

Everyone grows older and no amount of cosmetics, Botox, hair dye, hair plugs, surgery, or spackle will change the foundation of your cellular health. Preserving our “youth” isn’t about maintaining a look, it is about preserving our “health.” I used to think being healthy was more of a look than a way of being. Now I know healthy is truly a way of being and not just a look. 

Our cellular health holds the key to our future health. 

The foods we eat speak to our cells. The air we breathe, the conversations we have, the amount of water we drink, the way we move our body all speaks to our cells. Do you drink alcohol? Do you smoke? Do you stay up late or do you get rest? These elements can either create an inflammatory response in the body or provide a level of homeostasis. 

It comes down to the amount of inflammation we create in our body and if this inflammation is chronic. Are you creating a lot of inflammation in your body? Inflammation turns our cells on and off. So, what can you do to add years to your life and eliminate the aging muck that damages our healthy young cells

  1. What you put in your body! Eat a variety of fruits and veggies. Here are my go-to anti-aging daily foods: organic wild blueberries, organic baby spinach and or mixed greens, organic avocados, and raw organic cashews. Remember, everything you put into your body will relay information to your cells. 

  2. Move your body! When we exercise we provide a faster way for the body to eliminate waste. Just think of the acronym BULLS when you think of your major waste management team. B-Bowels, U-Urinary, L-Lungs, L-Lympth, S-Skin. When we exercise we get all our systems moving and are better able to expel any unwanted matter all while increasing the oxygen in the body. 

  3. How much rest you get! Quality sleep is an essential component of the ultimate anti-aging routine. Sleep puts your brain and body into recovery mode to repair themselves. Be sure your room is dark and cool when you sleep. Did you know your skin can sense light?

  4. Who you choose to be around! Have positive conversations and relationships. Get rid of the negative, energy-sucking people in your life. Sometimes the negative energy comes from us. Do you always complain when speaking to a coworker? Or a friend? You may be their energy-sucker. Venting is okay once in a while but on-going complaining is yuck! Move-on!

  5. Live your purpose! What is your gift? Whatever gift(s), you have to share, please share them but not at the expense of your health and happiness. Find what works for you and don’t let anyone try to bring you down.

Try these five elements and watch how your health and happiness grows. Your cells will thank you and your body inflammation will start to decline. I am speaking this all from experience. What do you have to lose? Give it a try.  


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