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Non-Toxic Body Products... That WORK!

I have to admit I am a sucker for a nice tan. I am proud to share I no longer laying under UV lights nor spray myself with toxic chemicals to get that ideal glow. Thanks to a special client that entered my center a few years back, she taught me the importance of and what true clean products were. I used to think that if a product said, "All natural" I was deemed safe. Little did I know this was not the case.

There are so many product lines out there that claim to be "clean" or "natural" but how is one to know which are truly clean and which ones truly work? THEY MUST WORK - RIGHT! Well, I know two amazing companies that I have been hooked on for the last couple years. Their products - WORK - and are - SAFE! WIN-WIN! Plus, these are women owned companies. Are you ready for the best kept secrets in safe, clean beauty?

So without further adieu here are my favorite products with some photos....

1. BeautyCounter: I started with the body lotion and baby oil. Then I expanded to their skin care and make up. One of their newer products that I am obsessed with (and its been sold out) is their

Vitamin C face serum. I also love the Counter Match line and just recently started using their heavier night cream. Just look for the link bottle. If you are over 35 you will love it! So explore more by clicking this link and find what works for you.

2. Beauty By Earth: This is the company that forever changed my self-tanning experience. I am obsessed with their body tanning lotion and the face tanner. The body lotion only needs to be applied 2-3 days a week for a nice glow and it provides an amazing vanilla sent without the endocrine disruption of the ingredient "fragrance." Learn more about the ingredient "Fragrance" by listening to this podcast. My kiddos love the bath bombs and we love the sunscreen for the whole family.

So, since my awakening with my educated client I have expanded my daily products to include a supply that my whole family uses. Please, click here for a podcast, I recorded a while back, interviewing the owner of BeautyByEarth to learn more about clean products that work for everyone.

Thank you for letting me share these two clean product companies with you. I hope you will take some time to look at what products you can swap out. Don't feel like you have to swap them all out at the same time. Just start replacing products that you run out of with new clean products. I started with the Beauty By Earth self-tanner and BeautyCounter citrus lotion. Then I swapped out my deodorant to the Beauty By Earth vanilla product seen in the photo below. Listen to this podcast to learn about armpit masks... haha, yeah it's a thing!

Check out this link for clean home products and check out this app to help you find more safe products. Best to you and I hope you find clean products that work for you and your family.


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