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Your Holiday Power

Stress is something that we are all familiar with, especially now. And even though some mild or moderate stress can be beneficial, the chronic stress (the stress going on for a long period of time) can only have a negative impact on our mental and physical well-being. Now let’s layer in the holiday season with this chronic stress of Covid and one may be left hiding under their covers not wanting to face the world. The crap that we have all been going through may look a bit different depending on your situation but, nevertheless, the shared vibration of worry and negative energy is so strong right now I don’t think a sage bonfire would be able to crack this thick yuck! 

I am over here wearing crystals, meditating, saging my house, office, business, and trying to hold it all together, but even with all this I find myself, at times, wanting to scream and kick things. I mean how much more of this can we take? Okay vent over. I know we can withstand a lot. All of us are more powerful than we may think and now more than ever it is time to bust out our superpowers to get ready for “Jingle Bells.” 

The holidays can already be a stressful time for many and for others it is the one time of year they look forward to. Regardless of where you stand, now is the time that we dig deep into our toolkit and find our wand of compassion, understanding, patience, and giving. As a mom I have seen my kids struggle with on-line learning and being isolated from friends. This holiday season more than ever I am going to put forth my Super-mom powers to give my family a low-stressed, fun, holiday season. Some simple low stress activities you could try this holiday season...

  1. Set up a virtual family Zoom call. Add-in your gift exchange if that is something you do or use the Zoom call for everyone to share something they are thankful for from this year. Finding gratitude not only helps people become more appreciative, it also increases their vibration, helps bring them joy, and helps them find the light in the darkest tunnels. 

  2. Family movie night with all the fixins. I love making fresh popcorn over the stove top. The smell is delish!

  3. Go for a hike! Having family hobbies like birdwatching, or cleaning up public areas, or even organizing donations for those less fortunate can get the family exercising, serving the community, and learning about our new normal.

  4. Give everyone’s overworked brains some time to relax. Have a family spa day at home.

Happy Holidays to you and your family. Remember to drink a lot of water, get your rest, and choose to use your power in all the right ways. 


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