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What the hell am I doing here? Finding your higher purpose!

Do you ever wonder why you were chosen to be here, on planet Earth, right now in 2021? Was it a choice? Was it a gift? Was it an element of luck? Why the heck are you here and why the heck am I here? Let’s go deeper than those questions (if that is possible) and ask what is the purpose of this life? What is the purpose of being here?

These are some soul-searching questions that I have pondered many times in my life. Some of them I have come to a conclusion on and others I am still pondering. I believe I chose to be here on planet Earth for the last umpteen years and more specifically... I chose to live in America, as a woman. I chose my family, the area I grew up in, and I chose to live through the AIDS crisis, the war in Iraq, the September 11th attack, the down fall of the economy in 2008, and the 2020 pandemic. Plus, all the other events big and small. I truly believe that I created a soul contract with God, the Universe, Source, whatever you want to call the all-mighty creator, and agreed to come here and go through all of this… but why? This is the question I still explore.

Do you ever wonder why? The truth is I believe we are all doing the best we can, based on the choices we make; how we choose to respond or react to something. If we choose to act or not. If we choose to be kind or be annoyed. We have a lot of choices and everyone is doing their best. It may not always seem like it but that’s not for any one of us to judge. So, now that we know choice plays a huge role in this thing called Life, what are you choosing to do with your time here?

For me, right now, I choose to spend my time exploring my higher calling, helping others, practicing self-love, and trying to stay out of the rat race. I do think we—as humans—may take this life thing a bit too serious at times. We need to embrace the child within us again and encourage them. We need to play in the mud, run in the rain, laugh until we pee our pants, and our face hurts. We need to let go of the fear and filter out the noise that we allow to occupy our minds. This fear note pins us down and doesn’t allow us to be our true authentic selves and restrains us from exploring and trying new things. The noise in our heads is the fear expressed as self-doubt and negative self-talk. It can easily become a vicious cycle that we let control way too much of our lives.

Here are some fear notes replaying in our heads that we need to stop: I am never going to make enough money, I will never get ahead, I am going to be single forever, my kids are so far behind, if only…fill in the blank…. The truth is that everything is always a lot more chaotic and worrisome in our minds. So, slow the roll and shift the fear mindset into a mindset of excitement and possibility. Know that fear notes in your mind are only distracting you from your higher purpose. Think of them as a challenge but not truth. It only feels real in the moment. Choose to move past the fear by taking action. The choice is up to you!

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