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Do You Have A Strong Foundation Of Health?

Our nation's foundation of health needs a major overhaul. As this pandemic unfolds and the ‘nocebo’ effect takes its toll on an already-fragile population, it pushes me to spread positive, valuable, and effective information centered around the fact that YOU have more control over your biology than you are led to believe. Wash your hands, wear a mask, stay six-feet away, get a donut for getting vaccinated… Is this the best our country can do?

When I evaluate a client’s foundation of health, I look at their stress level, nutritional & water intake, quality of sleep, brain type, pH levels, are they pooping, what does it look like? Do they have physical markers on their tongue, nails, and in their eyes? Do they have a strong energetic field? There are a million questions I could ask a client but the most important thing I must do is look and listen. Listen to their words and see what their bodies tell through observation. Do you think any of these things could impact how someone's body and mind responds to COVID? I bring this up because in natural health we look at an individual's foundation of health (mind, body, spirit, and energy) and we work on reinforcing areas that need more support. If we all worked on building a strong immune system, for example, would this virus be the hot topic it is today? Would our biology be better equipped to deal with this virus and others? I would bet YES!

So I ask… Why are we not promoting a strong foundation of health in America? Why is a naturopathic approach to supporting one’s health forgein in our country? My name is Dr. Anna Marie Frank. I am not a Western doctor. My approach to supporting an individual is holistic. It is an approach that encompasses mind, body, and spirit. I submersed myself in wellness over twenty years ago. Through my own health challenges and personal healing, I was led to do what I do now. My personal healing was not a straight-up physical ailment that I remedied. My healing came from healing my brain and mind.

You may find this interesting… The brain is the only organ in your body where medication is prescribed even though it has never been examined. We can’t really measure a “chemical imbalance” in one’s brain, yet we give mind-altering medications for that “imbalance” that have life-threatening side effects… and again, there is never a clear indicator of what is chemically going on in the brain. I share this with you because this was me. I went to my doctor and within minutes I had three mind-altering drugs prescribed to me. These meds had many side effects which made me feel worse, and if it were not for a little light inside of me, I may not be here today. This experience led me to question what was expected when it came to my personal health. I was led to believe someone in a white coat had more control over my biology than I did. I was never taught how to build a strong baseline of health (mind, body, and spirit) and this was so wrong! I had more control of my personal health and well-being! Our bodies are always speaking to us—are you listening?

So here we are in a pandemic and I ask you—what are you doing to improve your foundations of health? How are you taking care of your mind, body, and spirit? What is something you need right now to support your wellbeing?

Here are some basics to help build you up: participate in positive conversations, get quality sleep, eat fruits, veggies & herbs daily, move your body, get sunshine, touch your bare feet to the earth (it’s called earthing), keep learning, and live your purpose!


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