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Brain hack, body hack, energy hack: The art of raising your vibration – mind, body, soul!

Do this, do that, hack this, hack that and then let’s see if it all pans out to leave you feeling happy and whole. Sometimes the advice and opportunity for personal physical improvement can be overwhelming. Where does one start in order to become happy and whole? The abundance of tips and tricks paired with targeted advertising and balanced with what western doctors suggest can easily lead to sensory overload and disappointment.

How can one work on weight loss when their mindset is jacked? How can one work on eating well when they don’t even know what to eat? How can one exercise when their knees hurt, their relationships suck, and they are angry at the world?

There is a key hack that so many gurus are missing. This is the ultimate hack for true happiness and longevity but it’s not super easy nor is it linear. Which is probably why you haven’t been exposed to it. It’s not a moneymaker or a showstopper gadget. It’s way more than a quickie and not super convenient, like an Amazon order. The first step is easy — stop by to see us at Happy Whole You. Experience how we help you cut through the fog, focus and optimize your routines to achieve your goals. Soak up the knowledge and lean into the tools we teach that help anyone and everyone formulate a personalized success plan.

Happy Whole You is a human upgrade center in downtown Bakersfield. We help you upgrade your biology — mind, body and spirit. We focus on increasing brain function and decreasing body inflammation using high-tech pieces of equipment and old school Eastern medicine modalities. We take a holistic approach to help you raise your level of health and consciousness. But before we see you at the center to learn more, here are some hacks for better sleep.

Hacking your sleep starts with an effective and consistent nighttime routine to help you sleep deeper and longer. First thing, you must go outside, barefoot and watch the sunset. This is super effective in order to reset your circadian rhythm. Spend 10 to 15 minutes outside, work on deep breathing and enjoy the sunset.

Once the sun goes down, skip all electronics. No more phone or television because screens emit blue light which excites the brain. So, go from sunset to chill mode. Even draw yourself a bath or take a nice shower. Adding the water element in the evening is soothing.

Next, be sure your room is cool and dark. Place electrical tape over any flashing lights. The darker and cooler the room the better your sleep will be. Also, don’t keep your phone next to the bed — turn it off and put it in another room.

Lastly, keep a notepad, pen and book close by. Take some time to read using a reading light (I use a tiny amber-colored light) and shut off the overhead lights. Use the notepad and pen to write down what you are grateful for and if you have any ideas or thoughts come to mind.

Now, you have a sleep hack routine that is a great place to start. For guidance and ways to improve cellular function, increase physical energy and improve brain function visit Happy Whole You for your specific tailored needs. The art of raising one’s vibration MIND-BODY-SOUL comes from a compound effect of multiple hacks that are formulated to your bio-individuality.

Check out some simple hacks below...


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