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Set up sessions with mindset life guide coach, Anna Marie, doctor of naturopathy and brain health practitioner. Sessions range from 60-75 minutes.


Anna Marie's Certifications...

Doctor of Naturopathy;

Certified Brain Health Coach;

Integrative Nutrition Certified;

Certified Holistic Health Practitioner;

International Coaching Federation Certified;

Certified Human Potential Coach;

Plant Based Diet Certified;

and she has a whole lotta other certifications and degrees. Yes, Anna Marie loves to learn and share her knowledge. Most importantly she knows how to help others mold their brains in order to create the life they truly desire. Follow Anna Marie @HappyWholeYou on Instagram. 


Print the circle life graph and when Anna Marie contacts you she will explain how to fill out the graph before your first session. Three and six month programs include sessions every other week with contact points inbetween sessions. email for more information.


6-Months Available Just Ask!

3-Month Mindset Life Guide Coaching


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